Inspection Equipment

Inspection systems covers a range of equipment used by law enforcement/military tactical teams, customs inspection teams, and industrial inspection personnel, security staff, and even shcools.

Electrim offers solutions for inspection of persons and items for various environments, and can design and implement systems to suit individual customer needs.

The following ranges of inspection equipment is available:

  • DETELEC X-Ray Machines
  • DETELEC Metal Detectors

DETELEC X-Ray Machines

Detelec x-ray Machines are modern, versatile and eco friendly scanners. They are designed to screen luggage at checkpoints.


  • Different tunnel sizes from 500x300mm to 1000x1000mm
  • Single and Dual energy units to distinguish between organic and non-organic materials
  • Thread Image Projection to train and monitor performance of operators
  • Integrated CCTV System to monitor surrounding areas
  • Conveyor Motion Sensor System to reduce power consumption
  • Integrated GPRS Wireless System for remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Detection of ultra thin materials
  • High Speed Data Acquisition and Transfer with High Image Resolution
  • Multi-display Joint Terminals and Remote Terminal Display with Multi-level user interface
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DETELEC Metal Detectors

Detelec Walk Through metal Detectors are necessary for early detection of any dangerous metal objects to meet your security needs. They are designed to cope with screening high volumes of people.


  • Sophisticated Design to blend with any interior
  • Adjustable Sensitivity to avoid unnecessary alarms
  • Adjustable alarm Volume to meet your environmental requirements
  • LCD Screen with infrared remote controller
  • 6, 8, 12, 18 or 24 Detecting Zones with adjustable sensitivity
  • LED Bar Graph on left and right door frame
  • System Lock with password protection
  • Interference Suppression System
  • Water Resistant PVC Coating for sides and control unit
  • Advanced Digital Signal for processing with Self Diagnostic Program
  • Integrated and Modularized Circuits
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