Turnkey Security Solutions

ELECTRIM CONTROL SYSTEMS offers comprehensive turnkey security solutions, providing totally integrated systems that include combinations of both perimeter and internal security, custom-designed by ELECTRIM CONTROL SYSTEMS experts. The need for timely and detailed turnkey security solutions has become more prevalent due to the increasing number of intruders employing creative methods of intrusion. The intruders, themselves, have become more sophisticated, highly motivated, and in some cases, are equipped with state-of-the-art devices that override existing security equipment.

In order to confront these new threats, a turnkey security solution is the one and only mean of preventing the modern-day intruder from penetrating your sites. ELECTRIM CONTROL SYSTEMS professional and highly skilled employees have many years of experience in the security field and can provide you with a tailor-made design of a turnkey security solution that will comply with your specific needs.

DETELEC X-Ray Machines

A turnkey security solution always begins with threat analysis, which includes terrain evaluation and environmental conditions evaluation, as well as the human factor and any other parameters that can affect the turnkey security solution. Afterward, ELECTRIM CONTROL SYSTEMS will generate a security concept taking all gathered information into consideration. Only after an evaluation has been completed, a turnkey security solution will be drafted.

A typical turnkey security solution will include early warning systems, perimeter security systems, delaying systems, indoor security systems, CCTV, Access control, etc. All the systems (ELECTRIM CONTROL SYSTEMS and other manufacturers’) are integrated with a computerized control centre which enables the user to have real-time information and intelligence of his site at his fingertips.

ELECTRIM CONTROL SYSTEMS experts always work closely with the customer to achieve the best results. The next stage of a turnkey security solution is a plan which features a timetable, GANT, delivery date, installation, personnel training – operation and maintenance, and the required budget for a completed project.

The final stage is to conduct and execute the turnkey security solution according to a plan for which ELECTRIM CONTROL SYSTEMS will assign a project manager, responsible for project implementation.


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